Yummy FTP Pro v2 Upgrade

Our second ever paid upgrade for Yummy FTP Pro in 14 years of service, version 2 is a major upgrade which is packed with new features and improvements throughout.

It's available to download today!

See below for a small taster of what's in store and we're sure you'll agree the upgrade price of USD$15 is very worthwhile.

 Fresh New Look
 Retina-focused user interface overhaul with a slick new local/remote file browser design

 Better Navigation
 Drag'n drop-savvy Path bar, quick-access favorites & history PLUS spring-loaded folders!

 Better Workflow
 Use the new Open WebURL and Open In Terminal options to work between apps more easily

 More Control
 Reordering queued tasks to set their priority is easy using simple drag 'n drop

 More Tools
 Built-in viewers for Logs, Notifications & Transcripts - easily inspect every detail of every action

 Shareable FTP Alias
 Option to create FTP Alias that can be shared - works on any Mac, even with no Yummy app installed

 And More...
 20+ new features & improvements. This is one HUGE upgrade! See the version history for a full list

Ready To Upgrade?

Please note that the upgrade costs $15, which is 50% discount on a whole new license ($29.99). This is only our second ever paid upgrade for Yummy FTP Pro in 14 years, so it's a worthy investment!

You are not required to upgrade. If you want to stay with version 1 that's entirely up to you - it will continue to serve you, but we won't be updating that version further.

If you want to try before you buy, no problem - the upgrade works in fully functional demo mode for 30 days and you can choose to purchase at any time.

Recently Purchased?

All direct-buy purchasers of Yummy FTP Pro v1 between 1st December 2017 and 19th February 2018 will receive a personal email from us with a link to obtain the upgrade for free.

How To Upgrade

1. Download and install the upgrade from the link below

2. Start the new version then choose Purchase Online from the Yummy FTP Pro menu

3. Yummy will automatically read your existing license and offer you the upgrade

Download the Yummy FTP Pro UpgradeDownload the Yummy FTP Pro Upgrade

Mac App Store License

We hope Apple provides a way to offer paid upgrades one day. In the meantime, if you wish to upgrade your v1 Mac App Store license please follow these steps:

1. Download the upgrade from the link above. Do not move it from the Downloads folder.

2. Start the new version then the upgrade offer should be displayed. Follow the steps provided.

3. Once you have received your upgrade license, drag the downloaded Yummy app to the Applications folder, overwriting the old one.

Yummy FTP Watcher 3.0 Upgrade

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If you have any questions or problems, please Contact Us