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"I am very thankful for the excellent support Jason (and the Yummy Team) has provided. I have been using Yummy FTP as it is currently the best FTP app out there. It is easy to use and it has features that are very important for developers like me. I especially love the FTP Alias and Dropbox sync as I usually switch between my work computer and home laptop. I have been finding this feature for years and only Yummy FTP has provided this. When I had issues, their support is very quick to respond and provided a clear and easy resolution. I highly recommend Yummy FTP to everyone needing file transfer."

Mark Joseph - Creator of InfusedWoo

"Excellent customer support, powerful sftp and shell features: duplicate files, zip-up/download, or fast delete. Highly recommended!"

Presta: Dedicated prestashop hosting

"We use your software every single day. Beats out every other program we've tried."

Thai @ Gaslamp Media

"Yummy FTP has been my favorite FTP client for quite a while"

Brett Terpstra via

"I have tried many FTP applications, but Yummy FTP is definitely the best one!"

Nova-Bossa via

"Complete feature set, customizable, fast transfers, great support, one-click mirrors, and stable. Power user ftp client."

Philipwheelock via

"Great FTP Client. Been using this for a long time now and it never lets me down. You wont find better."

SometimesWrongNot via Mac App Store

"Works Great! my Go to FTP Client. I have every FTP app and this is the one I use all the time. Simple fast, and drag and drop works great. RECOMENDED!"

grand_kanyon via Mac App Store

"The Best FTP Software I've found yet! I'm extremely pleased of Yummy FTP! I've had a couple of questions and within 24 hours the support team got right back to me and instantly solved my question. I would highly recommend this app!"

Presta: Dedicated prestashop hosting

"I absolutely LOVE this program... finally, an FTP program for MAC! This is a beautiful, Mac-friendly app that 'thinks' like Mac people. I recommend this highly."

Bad Kitty via Mac App Store

Press Reviews

Below is a selection of our favorite press reviews & mentions

MacWorld Review of Yummy FTP : MacWorld Magazine, Mac Gems section, October 2010

"Yummy FTP offers a tasty approach to FTP tools; bringing the user full control over the function. While other FTP tools for the Mac disguise the process, Yummy FTP lays it bare, and it's all the better for it. If you're serious about FTP, Yummy FTP is a bargain."

5 out of 5 stars + MacWorld Editors Choice Award

MacWorld Awards for Yummy FTP : Finalist - Best Web & Online Software category, May 2011

MacWorld Awards Nomination MacWorld Awards Results

Speed Test Comparison - Head To Head : Yummy FTP vs Transmit & ForkLift, March 2015

"Here is a simple test uploading a folder full of files, in a head to head between Yummy FTP, Transmit and ForkLift."

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Bohemian Boomer Review of Yummy FTP Pro, June 2016

"One of the Mac's most used and useful file transfer apps is Yummy FTP Pro, which I've used for years; partly because it's as fast as FTP gets, and partly because it's straightforward to use despite a long list of features, and partly because when I recommend Yummy FTP to friends, family, or co-workers, I don't regret it."

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Macsoftreview : Yummy FTP Pro, June 2016

"YUMMY FTP Pro offers best speed and the available options are more extensive then most other FTP programs offer. A good price for a solid performing package. The interface is good and intuitive for experienced and novice users. FTP is all about speed, options and safety. YUMMY offers best speed and price. Auto reconnect, resume and safe transfers are some of the best features along with scheduled backup or sync. Yummy beats the competition when it comes down to price, speed and options. Recommended buy !"

5 out of 5 stars

Mac360 Review of Yummy FTP Watcher, October 2015

"One of my favorite Mac utilities through the years is the famous Yummy FTP app, but specifically the Yummy FTP Watcher version. This is the way file transfers between Mac and wherever remote should be done. Automatically."

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