Introducing Yummy FTP Pro 2!

Requires macOS 10.8 or later

Yes, the wait is over... it's been a long time coming but the great news is it's finally here. Yummy FTP Pro 2 is a major upgrade, packed with new features & improvements throughout. It's available to download today.

Read on to learn more about this great new upgrade, or go right ahead and install it right now.

Download Yummy FTP Pro v2 Upgrade

A Fresh New Look

We've completely overhauled the user interface throughout the app with a focus on taking the best advantage of today's hi-definition retina display enabled Macs. The result is a slick new local/remote file browser design which has an emphasis on simplicity and clarity, and features a brand new navigation path bar, spring-loaded folders, as well as new retina toolbar and status bar icons.

Introducing the Navigation Bar

The brand new navigation bar integrates the usual back/forward buttons and a full path 'breadcrumb' display so you can clearly see your location and easily navigate back along the path with a single click, or even drag and drop onto a path segment to move or transfer there in one step. To top it off, drag and drop has been made easier than ever with the addition of spring-loaded folders.. just hover over the folder until it flashes and displays the contents.

And It's Smart, Too!

The navigation bar is smart enough to automatically replace your home path with the Mac or Server abbreviation to reduce visual clutter, and you can quickly get to favorite or previously visited locations with a simple click in the icon.

Queue Management Made Easy

Ok, maybe it's only a small thing but it's those little things that count! We finally made it a whole lot easier to re-order your queued transfers. Re-order to your heart's content.

New Notifications and Logs

Version 2 now takes full advantage of the macOS Notification Center to provide interactive & highly informative notifications, so much so that we added a complete notification history lookup - you'll never miss a thing. To compliment the all-new handy Notification History we added a Log Viewer to really take advantage of the powerful logging and notification capabilities Yummy FTP Pro provides. Every detail of every transaction can now be easily and quickly inspected. And finally, we added an in-app Transcript viewer to allow you to see every interaction live with the server.

New Built-In Shareable FTP Alias

Just like the existing built-in FTP Alias, the 'Secure FTP Alias' is a droplet that you can pre-configure and save on your Desktop for quick drag & drop-uploads, but with one big difference - these are totally self-contained mini-apps which will work completely independently of whether any Yummy app is installed or not, so they can be copied to any Mac anywhere and still provide the drop-upload capability. In addition, we are now offering the option to create custom-branded FTP Aliases with a logo/icon and message of your choice so you can send them to clients. We encrypt then digitally sign & seal these with our Apple Developer Certificate to ensure your security. Contact us for details.

And There's More...

As always with Yummy app upgrades, there is tons more... in total there are over 20 new features & improvements - this one is HUGE

Ready To Upgrade?

Please note that the upgrade costs $15, which is 50% discount on a whole new license ($29.99). This is only our second ever paid upgrade for Yummy FTP Pro in 14 years, so it's a worthy investment!

If you want to try before you buy, no problem - the upgrade works in fully functional demo mode for 30 days and you can choose to purchase at any time.

Recently Purchased?

All direct-buy purchasers of Yummy FTP Pro v1 between 1st December 2017 and 19th February 2018 will receive a personal email from us with a link to obtain the upgrade for free.

How To Upgrade

1. Download and install the upgrade using the button below
2. Start the new version then choose Purchase Online from the app menu
3. Yummy will read your existing license and offer you the upgrade
4. Follow the steps provided on-screen to receive and activate your new license

Mac App Store Users

We hope Apple provides a way to offer paid upgrades one day. In the meantime, if you wish to upgrade your v1 Mac App Store license please follow these steps:

1. Click the Download button below. Do not move it from the Downloads folder
2. Start the new version then the upgrade offer should be displayed
3. Follow the steps provided on-screen to receive your new license
4. Quit the new Yummy FTP Pro app & drag it to the Applications folder
5. Start the new Yummy FTP Pro app and activate your license

Download Yummy FTP Pro v2 Upgrade

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