We make Mac-Only FTP apps that "Just Work"

Yummy Software is a small UK-based independent software company, dedicated to creating the very best Mac FTP software. The company is owned and run by Mac enthusiasts and the developers have worked on various commercial products spanning over three decades, right back to the original Apple Macintosh. Our dedication to the Mac platform runs deep, and our appreciation for good software is what drives us to release the best Mac FTP apps around.

Yummy FTP - Some background

Yummy FTP Pro is our flagship FTP/S+SFTP+WebDAV/S client app and it was Yummy Software's first product release back in 2004. Since then, Yummy FTP has become widely respected as one of the most versatile and reliable file transfer client apps around, which is an amazing achievement in such a crowded marketplace as FTP client software, and we’re very proud of it.

We continue to improve and expand our product range, which now in our    ... 14th year! includes a fresh new version called Yummy FTP Pro and we also now have a Lite basic version, Yummy FTP Watcher (local & remote folder monitor) and Yummy FTP Alias (Desktop drag 'n drop FTP).

Thanks Go To...

We are indebted to these people. They are regular Yummy FTP users who have helped us by providing localisations in their native tongue.

Wolfgang Reszel - German localization

Jean-Louis Baronnet - French localization

Drizzt Liu - Chinese localizations

Jorrit Peter Jorritsma - Dutch localization

Hiroko Hirano - Japanese localization

www.jakobenglund.com | localization
Jakob Englund - www.jakobenglund.com - Norwegian localization

Jacek Pytlik - Polish localization

Alex Nosov - Realabs Projects - Russian localization

Angelo Dagrada - The Angel - Italian localization

Paulo Neto - Professional Software Translator - Portuguese localization

Licensing, Copyright & Legal

By installing any Yummy Software product you agree to become contractually bound by the terms of its licence:

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All Application Software and accompanying materials are Copyright (C) 2018 Yummy Software and protected by international copyright law.

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Yummy Software HQ is geographically located at 5 Owls Road, Verwood, Dorset, United Kingdom