Yummy FTP Watcher: Product Information

Yummy FTP Watcher automates uploads, downloads and syncs between your Mac and any number of FTP, FTPS and SFTP servers, watching the chosen folders for changes and acting upon them.

Powered by the file transfer engine of the highly regarded Yummy FTP app, all the speed and reliability you'd expect is provided, as well as useful features such as filtering, bandwidth limiting and Growl notifications.

Based on the original FTP Watcher v1 integrated into Yummy FTP itself, Yummy FTP Watcher v2 provides new modes of operation for both upload and download watching, a new unified watcher monitor, comprehensive control over each watcher behaviour and much more!


New in v2.0.2 :

• Auto Upload
• Auto Upload + Archive
• Auto Download
• Sync : Update Mac
• Sync : Update Server
• Sync : Mirror

• Unified watcher monitor + editor window
• Pause/resume individual watchers
• Integrated local/remote folder browser

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Yummy FTP itself includes FTP Watcher v1 for FREE, as well as bi-directional directory synchronisation (with preview mode), scheduling, remote editing, droplets via FTP Alias and comprehensive file management capabilities.

Alternatively, an ideal companion for those on a budget might consider Yummy FTP Lite which available exclusively in the Mac App Store for just $1.99!

FTP Alias
FTP Watcher
Remote Editing
Open In Terminal
File Diff
Suffix Mapping

Need a powerful FTP/SFTP client?

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